The advanced solution to manage visitors

AppReception is the visitor management software for
those seeking efficiency and modernity in guest management: smooth check-in, security, and smart integration.

AppReception la soluzione per una gestione ospiti avanzata

Everything you need to welcome your
visitors to the company

Thanks to our solution you can optimize the operational flow of reception in the company
with an automated process: from check-in, with the ability to collect data from the
visitor, to the acceptance of corporate disclosures until the recipient is notified of the
visitation. Each step is quick and safe and allows you complete monitoring thanks to
To the centralized Dashboard.

What are the advantages of a digital visitor registration software?

Improve the efficiency of the registration process at the front desk, facilitate access and search for information, reduce the impact environment by reducing the use of paper. These are just some of the countless benefits of adopting a visitor management system (VMS).

Saving time and resources

Compliance with data management and protection of visitor information

Making a great first impression

Digital data acquisition and analysis

Increasing data security

Centralize data from multiple locations

AppReception vantaggi di un registro visitatore digitale

Who really benefits from a
digital visitor registration system?

For public and private spaces. Our solution is useful to all
organizations that have to handle any influx of
people and intend to raise safety standards
ensuring flawless visitor management and with
intuitive technology.

AppReception chi beneficia di un registro visitatori digitale

Benefits for visitors

Thanks to access flows, there will be no endless queues to gain access to the company.

The registration process is extremely intuitive, and in just a few steps, visitors can pick up their access badge.

The visitor receives an access badge or digital QR code to facilitate identification and movement within the facility.

Your information is safe from prying eyes; no other visitor will be able to know you were there.

Thanks to the access control system, visitors who are present inside the company are safer.

Benefits for companies

Facilitates compliance with privacy regulations and gives you access to data to devise customized re-marketing strategies.

strengthens corporate image through the use of cutting-edge technology in interfacing with the public.

Your style can also be applied to your visitor badge. Have the access management tool also convey your identity.

Using a digital system reduces the need for paper, contributing to the company’s efforts for more sustainable operations.

The most relevant advantage, compared to a paper registry, is the implementation of a digital system that can provide information during emergency scenarios.

Enhance the visitor experience with AppReception

Fast and Intuitive Check-In

Reduces waiting time for accreditation, ensuring fast and stress-free entry.

Security of Personal Data

Data are protected through encryption and compliance with privacy regulations.

Personalized Reception

Offer information and services tailored to the type of visitor.

Immediate Notifications

Automatically notifies the recipient when the guest arrives.

Offer even more

AppReception transforms every visit into an experience that goes beyond just logging in.
Enrich your company’s entry with the various Add-Ons you can enable and customize
Conveniently from the centralized dashboard.