Simplify access at your production sites

Adoption of AppReception brings many benefits in this area, including automation of access for visitors and vendors and better management of security and compliance documentation.

Safety first

Where workplace safety is a key issue, the presence of a visitor management system can really make a difference. With AppReception, in addition to registering visitors you can also manage the access of external vendors who, thanks to automated checks, will be able to gain access if all relevant documentation is in compliance with company requirements.

Access whitelist management

Recipient notifications

Acceptance of information

Increased production efficiency

Increased production efficiency

Optimizes the time devoted to reception by reducing check-in and waiting times. With the integration of supplier check you can also have advanced synoptics dashboard to know the acceptance status of people in the company at all times. All this information will be accessible directly from the Dashboard.

Centralized dashboard

Access conditioned by the staff approval

Summary Dashboard

Our added value in managing your inputs

Emergency management

Thanks to the ease of use, the visitor, in just a few steps,
will carry out the registration.

Badge generation

To inform the visitor about the behaviors and limitations in the company.

Quick Access

Let the recipient choose whether to approve the visit, very useful in
manufacturing plants.


Thanks to the notification, the recipient of the visit is immediately informed of the arrival of his guests.

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