It simplifies the
visitor management

It best supports the production cycle by maximizing workplace safety and facilitating access to authorized personnel while remaining compliant with current regulations.

Productivity first

Maximize the operations of various employees by reducing access time for visitors and suppliers. This, in addition to translating into important time savings, also translates into money savings.

Phone calls / IM


Integration with Active Directory

One centralized data

In very large business settings, the need to have a single centralized data is critical to be able to do analysis and statistics. If you are looking to answer questions such as, for example, “How many external people do we have in the Company?” then AppReception is the right solution.

Centralized dashboard


Access history

Our added value in managing your inputs

Quick Registration

Thanks to the ease of use, the visitor, in just a few steps,
will carry out the registration.

Acceptance of information

To inform the visitor about the behaviors and limitations in the company.

Access approval

Decides the recipient whether to approve the visit, very useful in manufacturing plants.

Ideal for large numbers

With the multiplant module you can standardize the welcome process across multiple locations.

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