Registration station

The choice of registration device is very important. AppReception offers various alternatives to suit your needs, all of which can be customized for a tailored reception.

Postazioni personalizzabili per la registrazione dei visitatori AppReception

Registration kiosks, the real heart
of your reception

Every reception desk is different; AppReception’s proposal takes into consideration various aspects, from design to functionality, to enable you to build a welcoming and modern environment where first impressions count. Our stations are highly customizable to fit in with the rest of the environment, they are not just classic Kiosks, they are design elements!

The Countertop Workstation, minimal design, maximum versatility

Countertop stations are a practical and inexpensive way to show visitors the AppReception solution. This can be integrated with a printer to print customized badges.

Postazioni da bancone AppReception

Free-standing kiosks, Tailored for you

The free-standing Kiosk solution is ideal for all those reception desiring to dedicate a space for visitor registration, does not take up much space, is fully customizable with company logos and colors, supports printer as well as other accessories.

Kiosk a piantana AppReception


Certainly, there is no limit to the number of different locations you can use, they are all equally compatible.