Promote sustainability

With our solutions you help to digitize a process, that of hospitality, by promoting a virtuous attitude such as respect for the environment.

Secure access to restricted areas

By adopting a visitor management system you may want to restrict an area of access to only registered and authorized peoples. Increase the security of your labs to better protect your ideas.

Management of access sites

Integration with Procurement Manager

Acceptance of information

Real-time monitoring

Keep an eye on the situation in your company at all times thanks to the centralized Dashboard you will be able to know who is present in every single plant in your company while maintaining the security of your prototypes.

Attendance list

Access history

Summary Dashboard

Our added value in managing your accesses

Quick Registration

Thanks to the ease of use, the visitor, in just a few steps,
will carry out the registration.

Acceptance of information

To inform the visitor about the behaviors and limitations in the company.

Access approval

Decides the recipient whether to approve the visit, very useful in manufacturing plants.

Visitor badges

Quickly identify outside visitors by providing them with a badge at the entrance.

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