Manage the company fleet

Use this Add-On in conjunction with the employee module to track the various uses of company vehicles, not only that, you can track KM, scheduled maintenance, notifications and more. AppReception is more than just a visitor management system!

No limit on manageable vehicles

Shared calendar for early booking

Information gathering at drop-off

Centralized reporting

Gestione parco macchine aziendali con AppReception

All your vehicles in one place

Managing vehicles with AppReception means having everything under control in one place. You can monitor KM traveled, schedule maintenance and more, all from the centralized Dashboard.

Usage statistics and exports

Access to booking via AppReception station


This component gives your employees the ability to reserve a company vehicle. This reservation will then be accessed from the AppReception location to confirm the use and return of the vehicle. Also from the location, it will be possible to request additional data, such as, for example, KM done, problems detected, and more.

Manages the company vehicle fleet, keeps track of the status and maintenance of all vehicles entered, notifies the contact person of any abnormalities and/or scheduled activities.