Digitize the Registry
Visitors, make it faster
and safe accesses

Monitor and manage entrance, get visitor data
collected and creates customized Access Badges.
Make reception in the company more efficient and safe, to
you and your visitors.

Appreception digitalizza il registro visitatori

Customizable to fit
Your Brand

Secure in Cloud Azure, or in the
your Datacenter

Comply with the
data management (GDPR)

The first impression is the one that

Impress your visitors by demonstrating efficiency from the first
Entrance: collect and organize all the information you think
useful, have them review the company’s disclosures and notify the
recipient that his guest is waiting for him in Reception.

AppReception la prima impressione che conta

Modularity and flexibility, our

Expands the potential of the digital visitor registry through
Add-ons. It meets a greater number of needs through
features such as vehicle management, pre-registration, the
employee management and integration with guest WiFi.

AppReception modularità e flessibilità nostri punti di forza

The safety of your environment
starts at the entrance

Ensure that every access is traced to ensure a
safe working environment. Thanks to the Dashboard you can know.
in real time who is present in the workplace by strengthening the
control and security of your spaces.

Sicurezza ambiente di lavoro con AppReception

Everything you need to welcome your visitors

Access flows

Differentiates recording streams
Based on the type of access.

Automatic notifications

Informs the recipient that his or her
guests arrived through
Immediate and personalized alerts.

Custom fields

Gather all the information needed to meet corporate access requirements.

Acceptance of Information

Customize the flow of documents to be shown and request their acceptance.

Emergency management

Use the summary checklists to
always know who is present
even in an emergency.

Badge Printing

Print a Badge to Identify
your visitor from the moment
of access.

Quick Access

Thanks to the QR code your
visitor will not need to
register for each login


Welcome the visitor directly
In his language. We support
over 15 languages.

Why digitize the front desk?

Digitization offers many advantages: it enables the automation and simplification of the
reception processes by reducing the waiting time for visitors, in addition, it can help to
Better manage people flows, ensure compliance with security protocols, and provide
valuable data for analyzing visitor traffic within the organization.

Choose and customize your kiosk
AppReception: transform the wait
Into an experience of style!

Personalizza il tuo kiosk AppReception desk DigiBite
Personalizza il tuo kiosk AppReception StandPrint Plus DigiBite

For all realities

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