The customer at the first

Customer care starts with arrival at your front desk. Provide your visitors with an innovative tool capable of impressing your guest by conveying your company’s quality and strong focus to the details since the arrival.

Innovate and simplify

Getting access into the company has never been easier than now; thanks to a minimalist interface designed precisely to help and engage the visitor, the registration process will be super easy and require no supervision.

Customizable interface

QR code access and leaves

Automatic notification to recipient

Everything at the click of a mouse

Having a single place to view all of your visitor data is ideal for any kind of company. The ability to create differentiated access profiles with specific permissions also makes the tool even more secure by being able to limit the visibility of information.

User Profiles

Access Policy

Centralized dashboard

Our added value in managing your inputs

Tailored welcome

Customize AppReception to further promote your corporate image.

Acceptance of information

To inform the visitor about the behaviors and limitations in the company.

User Profiles

Create and manage unlimited user profiles with different viewing permissions.

Exportable data

You can export data in popular formats for local processing.

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