Create a single access standard for all your locations

Extend Digital Visitor Registration functionality to all of
your locations by managing specific access peculiarities and keeping the experience for the visitor unchanged.

Standardization of access flow

Different target audiences based on location

Automatic recipients Import from your identity management with Active Directory module

Location-specific disclosures

Un unico standard di accesso per tutte le sedi con AppReception

One Dashboard, all your locations!

Define the various access roles for all your receptions; everyone will be able to see only their own inputs or
Sharing information through the centralized dashboard.

Centralized dashboard

Reception-specific access users

Advanced filters to limit data visualization

Un unica dashboard per tutte le tue sedi


The Multiplant feature enables the simultaneous management of visitor reception for multiple locations or establishments through
a single interface. This centralized approach facilitates supervision and coordination of reception activities on
corporate scale.

Yes, AppReception offers the ability to generate detailed reports and statistics for each individual location, allowing you to specifically analyze reception data, such as the number of visitors, wait times, and more, for each location.

The platform allows specific permissions to be assigned to users based on their operational needs. Permissions can be configured so that certain users can manage hosting in multiple locations, while others can be restricted to a single location, thus providing flexibility and control over data security.