Prioritize your image

Give your visitors a simple, elegant interface and customize it to reflect your brand’s unique style while improving its visibility.

AppReception nel settore abbigliamento

Premium welcome so you can be recognized

The need for a highly customizable solution makes AppReception the ideal partner for all companies in this sector. You can change every single element, from the logo to the color of the input signature. We know that it is critical to make sure that your Brand Identity is always top of mind for your customers.

Company logo

Corporate colors

Customizable station

Custom badges

Personalized communications

Protect your ideas

In highly competitive environments, it is critical to have control over company inputs. Visitor flow, if monitored properly, can be a source of business process improvement.

Access history

Attendance list

Summary Dashboard

Our added value in managing your inputs

Quick Registration

Thanks to the ease of use, the visitor, in just a few steps,
will carry out the registration.

Acceptance of information

To inform the visitor about the behaviors and limitations in the company.

Multilingual interface

Communicate with your guests in their own language. We support more than 15 languages.

Notification of arrival

Thanks to the notification, the recipient of the visit is immediately informed of the arrival of his guests.

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