Flexibility and modularity

AppReception fits perfectly to the specific needs of your business environment. You can customize every aspect of the visitor registration by choosing from a wide range of features the one that best suits your business.

Vasta gamma di funzioni per AppReception

Beyond the classic Visitor Register

In an increasingly connected and dynamic world, welcoming visitors represents
a crucial opportunity for companies to make a positive first impression. Move
this opportunity into reality thanks to AppReception and its features designed
to optimize the welcoming experience for both visitors and
corporate staff.

An easy and quick visitor registration

Every interaction with visitors is handled with the utmost
efficiency, safety and professionalism to reflect the values and
your company’s image. Revolutionize the welcome of your
visitors to bring it to a new level.

Multilingual interface (over 15 languages)

Customizable with your corporate identity

Access flows simplified management

Get Guest's picture

Collect signature for consents

Print a customizable badge

Automatic and customizable notifications to the recipient

AppReception interfaccia multilingua

All the details always within reach

Through the Dashboard, it is possible to have a complete overview of the digital visitor log and of all the operations that are designed to optimize your daily routine.

Centralizes multi-location data

Statistics that are easy to reference and exportable

Advanced Filters

details consultation

Visitor data anonymization

AppReception dashboard facile da consultare

Get even more from the Visitor Registry

Extend the functionality of the digital visitor registry through integration with configurable forms that
guarantee a solution tailored to each scenario. Welcome to the future of hospitality, where technology
meets customization to give you exactly what you need.

AppReception modulo add-on multiplant

For companies that operate over multiple locations. It enables management
Of the unified reception in all establishments. It allows you to
have a centralized overview of income and expenditures
guaranteeing the same experience.

A proactive tool for planning in-person meetings with
advance. In-house staff may invite their guests to
make an early registration thus allowing an
quick check-in upon arrival at the farm.

Automatically generates WiFi login credentials for your
visitors at the time of their registration, increasing the
security of your infrastructure.

Immediately notifies a guest’s arrival to the recipient of the
visit through the integration of phone calls/SMS.

Automates the opening of varches/turnstiles/doors by integrating in
AppReception the gateway module. The visitor will then have access to
places with limited access independently and safely.

Connect AppReception to our App2In service, to centralize
all your procurement documents in one place and have a
customized supplier access flow.

Automatically updates the list of available recipients and the
related contact information through integration with
Microsoft Active Directory.

dedicated fleet management functionality
corporate. Give internal staff the opportunity to book the
vehicles needs. Administrators will be able to
Monitor the state of efficiency through data collected by the

Create a customized access flow for Employees of the
your Company. They will be able to log in from tablets, receive
Dedicated disclosures, having a different badge, and more

Connect your access control devices

From today you can integrate them
directly to AppReception
via smart devices

Comanda i tuoi dispositivi di controllo accesso


The pre-booking feature allows, through an integration with Microsoft Outlook, the invitee to generate a link
of invitation directly in the meeting convocation. All the recipient (or visitor) has to do is register and receive thus
confirmation. On the day of arrival at the company, all he will do is show the QR code received upon registration to
Doing quick access.

Currently, the integration of AppReception with Wireless controllers supports 4 different brands: Cisco, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Aruba.

No, the limit imposed depends on the purchased plan, but it is always possible to extend the user license to include other plants.