traceability of the

Adopting a digital visitors management system greatly increases workplace security. AppReception can also work at construction sites where worker safety is the top priority.

Awareness first

Adopting a digital access tracking system such as our visitor logbook brings greater security and total awareness of who is present within your company or worksite.

Management of access sites

Integration with Procurement Manager

Acceptance of information

Quick response in case of

You always know who is inside, either from the location or from the centralized Dashboard you can always access the full list of people who have logged in so that you can provide a quick response in case of emergencies.

Attendance list

Emergency checklist

Summary Synoptic

Our added value in managing your inputs

Fast Registration

Thanks to the ease of use, the visitor, in just a few steps,
will carry out the registration.

Acceptance of information

To inform the visitor about the behaviors and limitations in the company.

Access approval

Decides the recipient whether to approve the visit, very useful in manufacturing plants.

Checklist for emergencies

In addition to the attendance list you can take advantage of the attendance checklist to detect who is in danger.

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