Corporate security in your hand

Easy to use and accessible from any device, AppReception People Inside offers a reliable solution to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

Ready for any kind of emergency

Manage any type of emergency quickly and safely, through the safety list you can have an instant overview of those present/absent. With an intuitive interface AppReception People Inside ensures everyone is informed and safe.

Integrated selection of the branch offices to easily summarize visitor's details
Real time monitoring of the visitors in your company
Quick access and fast visitor recognition thanks to the QR Code scan option

Real time tracking

Thanks to People Insieme you can always have the situation up-to-date and securely manage people inside your company’s area wherever you are.

Quick check for presence/absense in case of emergency

Manage each building standalone

Real time quick registration process

Check-in people using AppReception People Inside thanks to the QR Code generated by our VMS.

Didn't digitalized your visitor system yet?

Get a look on all the advantages of having a digital visitor registration system, thanks to this kind of tool you can always have on your hands the situation of your company!


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