A perfect mix of elegance and technology

In a highly state-of-the-art environment, it is essential to have a digital solution for visitor registration and management. It simplifies the reception process, reflecting the company’s technologically advanced image.

Digitize with style

Customize your company’s registration process to better reflect your corporate identity by helping to sustain commitment to new technologies and improve environmental impact.

Customizable interface

Visitor Pictures

Customizable visitor badges

The importance of digital data

Having the data of one’s visitors in digital format means being able to take full advantage of it, and in compliance with current regulations. Thanks to many integrations, you can also extend functionality to provide your guests with a state-of-the-art experience.

Acceptance of information

Comply with the GPDR

Exportable data

Our added value in managing your inputs

Tailored welcome

Customize AppReception to further promote your corporate image.

Acceptance of information

To inform the visitor about the behaviors and limitations in the company.

Access approval

Decides the recipient whether to approve the visit, very useful in manufacturing plants.

Exportable data

You can export data in popular formats for local processing.

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